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Oswietlenie led-il003

by skleporac





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  • T H E O R A C U S E R M A N U A L T H E O R I G I N A L DX119 CX106 (180°) DX119
  • A B C moulding +LED 1 5 (first length) M max. 5 units M max. 5 units ideally 50cm - max. 1m F MF MF MF MF MF MF MF MF MF F OUT moulding +LED 6 10 (second length) B IL003-003 B B C C 20cm* 20cm 20cm* 20cm etc. ideally 50cm - max. 1m etc. AA A A Afix fix fix fix IN 220V 18 3 . 6 i n s t a l l a t i o n o f L E D S 2 4 1 3 = = 50cm 50cm Ø 4cm Use IL003 for example in C220, C305, C400, C354, P5050, P5051, SX104, SX105, SX118, SX137, SX138, TF06, ... * Possibility to replace a LED lamp. IL003 IL003-001 (A) set of 5 LED inserts, 1W Ø4cm, thickness 9mm (B) 5 cables 1m. (C) 1 power convertor max. 5 units 9mm IL003-002 power converter max. 40 units IL003-003 extension cables 1 x (1m + 2m + 3m) IL003-004 set of 5 multi-connectors
  • 19 65 10 13 9 11 12 87 DecoFix 2 in1 !!
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